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Sensors for CO2 Incubation

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in Incubation Environments

Laboratories and Incubation environments need CO2 monitoring to ensure optimum conditions for overall culture cells and media. CO2Meter offers highly accurate IR CO2 Sensor designed specifically to monitor and detect CO2 levels in the incubation chamber.

Take a look below, and discover how the MH-100 can be used to measure the exact cell experienced environment based on IR radiation.

CO2 Measurement

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Incubator IR CO2 Sensor

The MH-100 Incubator IR CO2 Sensor is designed specifically to monitor and detect CO2 levels in cell incubators to manage ideal cell and tissue growth. Encompassing IR Dual Beam Sensing Technology the IR CO2 Sensor provides high accuracy, temperature and pressure compensation and easily integrates into cell incubators and laboratory environments. 

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Importance of CO2 Monitoring in Incubators

Measures 0-20%

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The IR CO2 Sensor for Incubators measures 0-20% Volume of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations ensuring optimal levels based on its IR radiation.

Heat Sterilizable at 190°C

The MH-100 can be counted on for its heat sterilization at 190°C (375°F) and stainless steel housing, eliminating any condensation and decreasing bacteria from disrupting the environment.

With the IR Incubator CO2 Sensor it provides long term stability and features an on/off automatic calibration, stabilizing temperature instantaneously among start-up.

Automatic Power On/Off Control

Measuring CO2 levels ensures cells are monitored and grow with pH values that range from 7.0 to 7.7. Control of atmospheric CO2 levels help maintain steady growth of pH.

An optimum temperature for most cell cultures is 37 degrees Celsius. Cells must stay within a narrow temperature range to avoid conditions that threaten the cell culture or create a delay in growth. 

With an IR CO2 Incubator Sensor, not only can it offer indirect control of pH but also monitoring the amount of CO2 to ensure a sufficiently high percentage of the gas is in the air which will promote growth in the medium.

The IR CO2 Incubator sensor has provided accuracy and reliability towards keeping our cell cultures pH levels at a consistent means and our team finds it to be highly effective and easy to install!
- Denise Porta | Lab Technician

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Optimum Temperature
Maintaining pH
Cell Growth

Incubator IR Features

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Incubator IR CO2 Sensor - MH 100
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