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Gas Sensing Solutions 
for Cryogenic Applications

Cryogenic fluids are a special sub-set of pressurized gases. Cryogenics is the science of very low temperatures. In general, all temperatures below 120 Kelvin (-244°F or -153°C) are considered cryogenic.

At these temperatures, nitrogen, oxygen, helium, methane, ethane and argon all become liquids. Thermopeida lists some of the most common cryogenic fluids.

As refrigerants, cryogenic liquids are useful in modern science. For example, at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, they enable the superconducting operation of beam positioning devices with liquid helium at 4K, or -452°F.

With the exception of oxygen, all the gases are asphyxiates. An asphyxiate gas is a nontoxic or minimally toxic gas which reduces or displaces the normal oxygen concentration in breathing air. Breathing of oxygen-depleted air can lead to death by asphyxiation, or suffocation. (Wikipedia)

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Remote Oxygen Depletion Safety Alarm

The Remote Oxygen Depletion Safety Alarm is designed to protect customers and workers near stored inert gases like Nitrogen, Argon, and others.

Recommended Devices

Personal Oxygen Safety Monitor

The SAN-20 Personal O2 Safety Monitor is designed for employees who work in enclosed areas where oxygen depletion may cause personal harm.


UV Flux 25% Oxygen Smart Sensor

This UV Flux 25% Oxygen Sensor measures ambient oxygen levels using the principle of florescence quenching by oxygen. This provides the benefits of lower power requirements and a longer lifetime.

Alphasense 25% Oxygen Smart EC Sensor

The Alphasense oxygen sensor is designed to provide engineers, scientists and students an accurate and reliable way to measure up to 25% oxygen levels by volume.


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CO2Meter has been providing carbon dioxide safety devices to various industries for over 15 years. 

We take pride in product knowledge and our ability to pair our customers with the appropriate product to meet their needs.


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"Being the leading CO2 regulator manufacturer in the USA, CO2 safety is a primary concern of ours. Awareness regarding CO2 safety has greatly increased over the years, due in part to products and services offered by companies such as CO2Meter."


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