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Hassle-Free Gas Solutions

When it comes to choosing a gas detector, your options may seem overwhelming. The truth is, depending upon your industry and requirements, you could need anything from a single-gas, multi-gas, fixed, handheld, or raw sensor solution.

But not to worry. CO2Meter is here to help you determine the perfect device to meet your needs and expectations. Below you will find several industries and our recommended devices for each application.

Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm

Two-part, wall-mounted Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm device.
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This wall-mounted carbon dioxide monitor protects those who work around stored CO2. When more than 100 lbs of compressed CO2 is stored in a facility, a monitor like this is required by the fire marshal.

Recommended Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Devices

Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor & Data Logger

The handheld, Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor & Data Logger.

Take carbon dioxide safety with you. This monitor is perfect for delivery drivers, draft installers, and anyone working with CO2 on the go!

Features audible, visual and vibrating alarms.

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K30 10% CO2 Sensor

Our top-selling carbon dioxide sensor is a low-cost, maintenance-free solution for many OEMs. The K30 features four outputs: two analog and two digital.

A green K30 10% CO2 Sensor.

Ling Liu | Remote Oxygen Depletion Safety Alarm

Taylor Quill | Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm

"Really helps my staff stay safe. It can be a bit loud in the brewery and the light helps add an extra sense of security in case of a substantial leak."

Ricardo Trevino | aSense MIII CO2 & CO Wall or Duct-Mount Transmitter

"Works precisely, ideal for LEED projects."

Industries and their Gases

Carbon Monoxide

CO Devices


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Ice Arenas

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O2 Devices


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Carbon Dioxide

CO2 Devices


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Life Sciences

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Indoor Air Quality

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The two-part, wall-mounted Remote Oxygen Depletion Safety Alarm monitor.

Oxygen Deficiency Safety Alarm

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This wall-mounted oxygen depletion monitor protects those who work around stored, inert gases. This type of monitor is required by the fire marshal for facilities storing gases like nitrogen, helium, and argon.

Recommended Oxygen (O2) Devices

Black and blue handheld Personal O2 Safety Monitor
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Personal O2 Safety Monitor

Take gas safety with you. This compact and rugged personal safety device is ideal for anyone who works in laboratories, hospitals, cryogenic facilities, and near stored or produced inert gases. 

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TecPen MAP Oxygen Analyzer

The Tecpen 5% O2 analyzer quickly takes measurements inside MAP packaging, and micro-bioreactors. The analyzer also enables measurements in 3 seconds.

A red TecPen Modified Atmosphere Packaging Oxygen Analyzer connected to a tube and probe.
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UV Flux 25% O2 Smart Flow-Through Sensor

Our UV Flux oxygen sensor gives the user a low-powered, long-lasting sensor. Because of its built-in tube cap, this sensor is ideal for gas sampling across scientific environments. 

Blue UV Flux 25% Oxygen Smart Flow-Through Sensor with tube-cap attached.
A grey rectangle with single display aSense CO2 and CO Wall/Duct-Mount Transmitter.

aSense MIII CO2 & CO Wall or Duct-Mount Transmitter

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This wall-mounted monitor detects CO2 and CO. It is ideal for those working in HVAC or indoor air quality.

 A Bonus Feature? The devices alarm levels can trigger relays to activate fans or duct actuators!

Recommended Carbon Monoxide (CO) Devices

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Carbon Monoxide Handheld Gas Detector

Our handheld carbon monoxide gas detector measures 0-1,000 ppm. An added benefit is this device’s ability to data log to the included SD card. No extra software is needed to read the collected data from the SD card. 

White, portable Carbon Dioxide Handheld Gas Detector.
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Alphasense 5,000 ppm Carbon Monoxide Smart EC Sensor

This electrochemical (EC) sensor provides the user with an accurate way to measure up to 5,000 ppm of CO. 

It's also commonly used as a reliable replacement sensor for many handheld devices!

A green sensor node that has two pins and reads "Carbon Monoxide" on the side.

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Greg Wylie| CO2Meter Customer

"We have been looking for an O2 sensor that was not over the top expensive. The staff at CO2 Meter was extremely helpful in picking out the model we needed. Once we had it in hand we wanted a longer cord for the sensor they had suggestions on making one. When we asked them about controlling an actuated valve and other feedback again they had helpful suggestions."

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