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“We use GSS NDIR CO2 sensors because of their best-in-class technology and proven reliability. Because GSS manufactures its sensors with their own proprietary LEDs - rather than using a heated source of IR - the sensors are small, robust, and provide almost instant readings.”

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Low Power. High-Speed. Easy Integration.

Whether you're looking for a carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor that has low power consumption, rapid response time, or ease of integration - CO2Meter and GSS can provide you with an ideal sensor solution

Our partnership provides customers across a variety of applications with some of the most unique, advanced, gas sensor technologies on the market.


ExplorIR®-M 20% CO2 Sensor

Image of the ExplorIR-M CO2 Sensor

Accuracy: ±70 ppm

Sample Method: Diffusion

Resolution: 10 ppm

Response Time: 10 sec to 3 min (user configurable)

Power Input: 3.25 to 5.5 V

Communication: UART

Includes barometric pressure, relative humidity, and temperature sensors

Also available in 5% and 100%

Recommended Sensors

SprintIR®6s 20% CO2 Smart Sensor

Accuracy: ±70 ppm

Speed: 50 Hz

Sample Method: Flow-through

Resolution: 10 ppm

Power Input: 3.25 to 5.5 V

Communication: UART

Includes barometric pressure, relative humidity, and temperature sensors

Built-in tube cap

Also available in 5% and 100%


CozIR®-Blink Sensor

Accuracy: ±45 ppm +3% of reading

Sample Method: Diffusion

Resolution: 1 ppm

Response Time: 30s - 3 minutes

Power Input: 3.25 to 5.5 V (3.3V recommended)

Communication: UART, I2C

Calibration: Auto-calibration

Also available in 0-5,000 ppm 


Ray Hicks | CTO at CO2Meter

Our Partnership 

CO2Meter and Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) have been in a valuable, long-term partnership. We have been using and supplying GSS's next-generation, LED-based CO2 sensors for over ten years

GSS manufactures a range of sensors — under the ExplorIR®, CozIr®, and SprintIR®  brands — that can read concentrations up to 100% carbon dioxideNot only do we rely on GSS sensors because of their reliability, low power consumption, and speed, but so do our customers around the world.

Julian Hayes| CEO at Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS)

“In partnering with CO2Meter we have developed a valuable partnership and share common goals for ensuring best-in-class gas sensor solutions and technologies for customers nationwide. Being a global leader in solid-state Non-Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR), partnered with CO2Meter's recognition as a leading source for gas detection solutions- only strengthens our stance as a "go-to" provider for technologically innovative gas sensing products. Unlike other CO2 technologies on the market, our partnership provides complete control over performance, quality, and trust.”

About Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS)


Benefits of GSS Sensor Technologies

Are you building a battery-operated device with a CO2 sensor? Or are you looking to measure the changes in CO2 concentrations over a short period of time? Perhaps you are trying to control CO2 levels for certain processes.

By using GSS's NDIR sensors you get:

A sensor designed with low-power applications in mind

Ultra-fast measurements

Hyper-accurate readings

Ease of integration

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Sensor Applications

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


Featured Case Studies

Image of a female scientist.

New GSS High-Speed SprintIR®-R CO2 Sensor

Recently, the pioneer in solid-state gas sensors launched a new ultra-high-speed SprintIR® -R 100% CO2 Sensor with a 50Hz measurement rate (20ms/measurement) making it among the fastest solid-state CO2 sensors available to date. Read More

Image of a man behind the wheel of a car.

Discovering Poor IAQ in Car Journeys with GSS

As the number of registered automobiles increases dramatically each year, the number of hours an individual spends inside the vehicle also may be surprising. On average an individual will spend 46 minutes inside a vehicle... Read More

Discover the Innovation of the SprintIR® CO2 Sensor

The SprintIR® CO2 sensor range can easily be integrated into a variety of applications and are unique in their form due to overall fast response rate, power consumption, and durability. Read More

CO2Meter & GSS Discuss ExplorIR®-M Application & Innovation

CO2Meter and Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd. have geared together to discuss one of the most innovative sensing technologies, the ExplorIR® -M which is catered to many groundbreaking applications studies today. Read More

Headquartered in the UK, Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) is a global leader in solid-state Non-Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR) LED-based gas sensors. Uniquely, the LEDs and companion photodetectors are manufactured in-house on molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) machines and used in all its patented NDIR diffusion CO2 sensors.

GSS continues to design, develop, and manufacture a wide range of solid-state NDIR CO2 gas sensors, providing innovative products to the world’s leading OEMs where low power, high accuracy, and high-speed measuring capability are required. GSS has worldwide representation, selling into a wide range of markets including indoor air quality monitoring systems, healthcare, aerospace, food storage, transport and packaging, and personal safety equipment.

For more information on GSS technology, click the link below to learn more about their technology and high-speed sensors.

GSS Gas Sensing Solutions, Production



Fire Suppression

Food Packaging

University Research

Image of the ExplorIR-M CO2 Sensor


Industrial Safety