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Most buildings are comprised of approximately 21% oxygen and 0.03% CO2, a lack of proper IAQ can dramatically deter the balance resulting in unhealthy and unbalanced living conditions.   

With so much time spent indoors, now more than ever, it's important to think about the air we breathe and how it is ventilated.

Below you will find just a few sensing solutions to combat poor IAQ and ensure proper HVAC in your indoor living environment.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) environments most commonly use carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) sensors to better monitor indoor living and work environments.

Occupant Comfort

By utilizing an indoor air quality monitor, you can eliminate potential contaminates that directly influence poor IAQ. This includes CO2, CO, particulate matter (PM2.5/10).

Productivity & Focus

With less CO2 buildup, many people find that they can focus on projects, and even complete them faster than they would have in a space with high levels of CO2.

Energy Efficiency

Studies have shown that by utilizing a CO2 monitor to properly ventilate a space, energy costs are significantly lower!

The GasLab®  Plus Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Handheld Gas Detector is a portable device that measures 0-9999 ppm of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). It also measures 0-1,000 ppm of Carbon Monoxide (CO). In addition to these two gases, the CM-504 also measures temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. 

GasLab®  Plus Carbon Dioxide & Carbon Monoxide Handheld Gas Detector (CM-504)

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Tongdy WiFi Indoor Air Quality Monitor (TON-0018,16,23,28)

The Tongdy WiFi Indoor Air Quality Monitor simply and easily controls your indoor air quality. This device provides real-time CO2, humidity, and particulate matter measurements. Some models even measure volatile organic compounds. The device is very easy to understand as the color of the inner circle changes depending on the air quality of the space.

We highly recommend this device for intelligent buildings!

LEED Certified Devices

Image of the GasLab Plus Carbon Dioxide & Carbon Monoxide Handheld Gas Detector
Image of the Tongdy Wifi Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Portable & Desktop IAQ Solutions

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The tSense CO2 & RH/T is a wall-mounted monitor. It measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), temperature, and relative humidity in real-time. This device can easily be configured to change color when your CO2 level, temperature, or humidity level gets too high.

This wall-mounted device also qualifies for LEED credit!

tSense Touch Screen CO2 & RH/T Transmitter (SE-0034,35)

Image of the tSense Touch Screen CO2 & RH/T Transmitter
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 eSense CO2 Monitor for LEED      (SE-0010)

The eSense LEED Fresh Air Indicator (FAI) is a simple, low-cost, and maintenance-free COmonitor designed to be installed in areas like office buildings or classrooms where the carbon dioxide levels need to be monitored for indoor air quality. An audible and visual signal indicates when recommended indoor carbon dioxide levels are exceeded.

The LEED 2.2 EQ-Credit 1 Requirements encourage CO2 monitors to measure occupancy. The eSense is designed to meet this requirement in areas where it is not possible to link a CO2 monitor into an existing HVAC system. The SE-0010 eSense LEED FAI meets LEED 2.2 standards.  

Eric Dodson | tSense Touch Screen CO2 & RH/T Transmitter

"Great easy to use product. Highly recommend for a hot yoga studio co2 controller"

FE Latson | IAQ MAX CO2 Monitor and Data Logger

"Works well. Very enlightening. Especially interesting to measure levels in a small room. Can be quite high. Lecture rooms as well. Much easier to understand drowsiness during lectures. Thank you."

Why Measure CO2 in HVAC applications?

The next time you step into a brand-new building, take a look at the wall. The "thermostat" you see may have another box with a CO2 sensor inside. That sensor is the end result of years of research in HVAC + IAQ.  

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Air Testing in Universities & Office Buildings

Indoor air quality is regulated in public schools, and office buildings by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

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HVAC in the House of the Future

One of their recent projects was to refurbish a century-old building with sensors that monitor occupancy levels, temperature, CO2 concentrations, and the status of meeting rooms.

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The eSense CO2 Monitor for LEED. A white, rectangular device with a small screen that reads carbon dioxide. Underneath is a light induction and a mute button.
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