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The GasLab Pro®  Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger is designed to simultaneously measure multiple gas concentrations through sampling methods.  

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“Works great! The device is easy to use as a CO2 and O2 Sampling Data Logger for our lab growing mammalian cells, comes with associated filter and pump kits.”
Peter Grost
Lab Technician

This device features up to 64 user configurable sensing options. Dependent upon your use case, the CM-1000 can measure gas concentrations including: CO2, CO, O2, CH4, %RH, Temp, Baro, and ALTI.


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Safety Features
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The large LCD screen is back-lit for use in low-light situations. The Data logger is also equipped with user-configured settings  when gas levels have exceeded the specified limit.

The device features data logging capabilities and can be used with any SD card (16GB included). 

The logger can be user-configured to take measurements at regular intervals; as quickly as once every two seconds.

Data Logging
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The CM-1000 can easily be integrated into a variety of industries and applications.

Common indoor environments include: Laboratories, Cryogenic Facilities, Life Sciences, Pharma, Incubation, Scientific, and Research.

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