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The Pinnacle of Gas Detection

The CM-7000 CO2 Multi-Sensor system is the seventh version of CO2Meter's renowned safety monitoring product line. This wall-mounted device will feature multiple gas sensors connected back to one main control panel. 

Utilizing valuable input from partners in beverage, brewing, and agriculture communities, we were able to design this enhanced system that exceeds industry standards and meets all code requirements.

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The CO2 Multi-Sensor System or CM-7000 is designed to protect employees and customers near stored carbon dioxide (CO2).

CO2 alarms are critical in agriculture, laboratory, scientific and industrial applications. The CM-7000 features an 8” touch screen display panel, integrated 4 port power over ethernet switch, 4 configurable alarm settings, and meets NFPA, IFC, and NBIC requirements.

CO2 Multi-Sensor System


"The CM-1000 is easy to use with incredible features to ensure overall safety in the workplace. It quickly responds to a variety of gas concentrations and ensures peace of mind among employees."

"Great follow up and advice from the CO2 Meter team. This item should be required by law to protect associates and guests from this deadly hidden killer."

Reviewing the Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger

Reviewing the Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm

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Full color, 8-inch, touchscreen tablet for complete control of all sensors.
Up to 12 Sensors
Expandable sensor array with up to 12 sensors and horn strobes!
Meets all Codes
The CM-7000 meets all current state and local codes for CO2 monitoring - including Denver, CO!
User Configurable
User configurable settings for complete customization.
Sensor Names
Individually addressable sensors so you always know what sensor is where.
Lock & Mute
Unique lock and mute accessory to ensure code compliance.
Lock/Unlock Code
The CM-7000 has a lock and unlock code for complete system security.
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Image of the entire CO2 Multi-Sensor System which comes with two sensors, a touch-screen tablet, and two horn strobes.