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Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm
CO2 Controller for Mushroom Farms


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Increased levels of carbon dioxide in your grow room can lead to up to a 20% increase in plant yields!

However, implementing CO2 can lead to hazards for those working in and around too high of concentrations.

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The Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is designed to protect employees near stored carbon dioxide (CO2). COalarms are critical for grow-rooms, greenhouses, indoor gardens, or anywhere bulk CO2 is stored, used or produced.

Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm

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The CO2 Monitor & Controller for Mushroom Farms or Growers lets you set a target CO2 level. Using advanced hysteresis logic, when the CO2 level in the grow room goes above the target, power is supplied to an exhaust fan via the built-in 100-240 VAC 5A piggyback power cord. When the CO2 level drops below the target, the power is turned off.

CO2 Controller for Mushroom Farms or Growers 


Indoor Greenhouses


Mushroom Farming


Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor and Data Logger

The SAN-10 Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor and Data Logger is designed for employees who work in enclosed areas where carbon dioxide buildup may cause personal harm.
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Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor

Importance of Gas Monitoring

Multiple Measurements

Measure Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and % Relative Humidity with one device.


Monitor CO2 levels in enclosed areas to ensure employee safety and meet inspection requirements.


Controlling CO2 levels not only saves money - but can increase plant yield by up to 20%.
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CO2 Controller for Grow Rooms


The RAD-0502 CO2 Controller and Sensors for Grow Rooms provides a simple and affordable way to adjust and review your CO2 levels when you want to and how you want to for your indoor grow space. With the RAD-0502 you can ensure that your plants never exhaust their supply of CO2 and grow at their maximum potential under optimized conditions.
CO2 Controller for Grow Rooms
Indoor CO2 Grow Controller

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