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Carbon Dioxide Sensors

CO2Meter is your go-to source for carbon dioxide sensors. We have worked closely with individuals and companies in the scientific, medical, agriculture, indoor air quality, safety, and industrial fields. We provided sensors that ensure accurate and precise data collection.

Below you will find some of our most popular NDIR CO2 sensors. These best-in-class options can easily integrate into your device or research project.

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CozIR®-LP2 5,000 ppm CO2 Sensor (GC-0034)

The CozIR®-Lp2 5,000 ppm CO2 sensor holds the lowest power and longest lifespan of an infrared CO2 sensor available today, with I2C interface. Because of this sensor's low-power consumption, it can be integrated into many battery-powered systems. The CozIR®-LP2 is a solid-state sensor, making it vibration and shock-resistant.

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Image of the CozIR®-LP2 5,000 ppm CO2 Sensor

CozIR®-A 5,000 ppm CO2 Sensor

The CozIR®-A 5,000 ppm CO2 Sensor is a diffusion sensor that takes two measurements per second. This solid-state sensor uses state-of-the-art LED optical technology to measure carbon dioxide. The CozIR®-A features built-in auto-calibration which ensures it's accuracy over the lifetime of the sensor. This sensor is California Building Standards Code, Title 24 compliant.

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K30 10,000ppm CO2 Sensor 

The K30 10,000ppm CO2 Sensor is our top-selling CO2 sensor. It is a maintenance-free CO2 transmitter intended for higher sample rates (2x per second) with minimal noise. It is an accurate, low-cost solution for OEMs who want to integrate CO2 sensing into applications like modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), occupancy detection, or rapid data sampling for process monitoring. 

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Image of the K30 FS Fast Response 10,000ppm CO2 Sensor

LP8 Miniature 10,000 ppm CO2 Sensor (SE-0038)

The LP8 Miniature 10,000 ppm CO2 Sensor is ideal in battery or solar-powered applications. This sensor has a variable measurement period which helps to conserve energy. One measurement only requires 11.9 mJ. The LP8 also offers a range of voltages, which gives the user a variety of power options. This sensor is also the smallest sensor CO2Meter carries!

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ExplorIR®-M 20% CO2 Sensor

The ExplorIR®-M 20% CO2 Sensor is a solid-state carbon dioxide sensor. Featuring LED optical technology, the ExplorIR®-M can provide accurate measurements over an extended period of time. It is vibration and shock-resistant, making this sensor ideal for use in extreme environmental conditions. This sensor also features built-in auto-calibration

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SprintIR®-6S 100% CO2 Sensor

The SprintIR®-6S 100% CO2 Sensor can take up to 20 readings per second; making it six times faster than the current SprintIR®. This makes it perfect for applications that require high repetition rates, or where the carbon dioxide concentration changes rapidly. Using solid-state LED optical technology, the SprintIR®-6s is able to respond to rapidly changing CO2 without comprising performance.

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