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A Leading Provider for Gas Sensing Technology

If you are seeking a gas detection sensor that has low power consumption, rapid response time, or ease of integration - CO2Meter and Cubic can provide you with an ideal sensor solution.

Our partnership provides customers with sensor technologies that are utilized across environmental monitoring, indoor air quality, HVAC, and MAP applications.

Senseair Sunrise 1% CO2 Sensor

Accuracy:  For range 0-1%vol: 0.06±%, For range 1-100%vol: ±6% of reading

Sample Method: NDIR 

Response Time: < 25s

Power Input: 3.5-6VDC 

Communication: UART, analog

The CU-1000 Cubic SHT-5 Infrared Methane Gas Sensor detects 0-5% levels of flammable hydrocarbon methane gases in ambient environments.


Infrared Methane CH4 Gas Sensor 

Recommended Sensors

S8 Miniature 10,000ppm CO2 Sensor

Accuracy: ± (50ppm+5% of reading) @25±2℃, 50±10%RH

Sample Method: Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)  

Response Time: 30s

Power Input: DC 3.5V-5.5V

Communication: UART-TTL, PWM, IIC 

The CU-1106 CO2 Sensor module is designed to monitor and detect carbon dioxide levels and is ideal for providing high quality NDIR technologies for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and HVAC Applications.


NDIR Single Beam CO2 Sensor Module 

NDIR Dual Beam CO2 Sensor Module

Accuracy: ± (50ppm+3% of reading) @25±2℃, 50±10%RH

Sample Method: Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)

Response Time: ≤120s 

Power Input: DC 5V±0.1V 

Communication: UART-TTL, PWM, IIC 

The CU-1107 CO2 Sensor module is designed to monitor and detect carbon dioxide levels using advanced NDIR technologies and is used in applications such as (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality, HVAC, Agriculture, (MAP) Modified Atmospheric Packaging, and cold-chain transportation.

K30 10,000ppm CO2 Sensor

Infrared Methane CH4 Gas Sensor
Great product! small footprint, quick response, software easy to use.

Diana Nunez



Benefits of Cubic

SST's primary goal is to deliver the required sensing and control solutions to customers which exactly meet their technical and commercial sensor requirements. This can be achieved through their standard range of sensors or providing customer specific sensor solutions

By using SST Sensing's sensors you get:

Technical Support

Quality Products

Application Innovations

Over 15 years of experience


Sensor Applications

Featured Case Studies

Image of a female scientist.

While there are many different types of sensors in the world that measure a variety of "things", gas sensors are critical in detecting gas concentrations and ensuring safety throughout many different industries.

Whether you are looking for a gas sensor that is fast in speed, low powered, has high sensitivity, is precise, ultra-compact, or easily integrated - the most critical factor in finding the best sensor is to understand the environment and application you intend to measure.

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Our free GasLab® Software makes it easy to configure, view, or log data from any of the gas sensors or sensor development kits we offer.
The most recent software release includes new features, capabilities, dashboard enhancements, and supports additional sensors and devices providing updated functionality for the product line. Even if you do not see your specific sensor model listed below, you should still update to version to take advantage of the improved configurations and stability within the innovative data logging platform.

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Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of gas sensors and gas analysis instruments. Based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, light scattering detection (LSD) technology, ultrasound (Ultrasonic) technology, ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy (UV-DOAS) technology, thermal conductivity (TCD) technology, laser Raman (LRD) technology, Cubic has launched many types of gas sensing platforms , formed two major industrial ecology: gas sensors and gas analysis instruments and developed dozens of different products which are widely used in home appliances, automobiles, medical, environmental protection, industry, energy measurement and other fields at home and abroad.


Environmental Monitoring

K30 10,000ppm CO2 Sensor
Senseair Sunrise 1% CO2 Sensor

NDIR Single Beam CO2 Sensor Module

Indoor Air Quality


Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP)