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Looking for additional Safety Solutions??

Portable Gas Detection Solutions

CO2Meter is proud to offer a variety of portable gas detection solutions. Our handheld devices measure carbon dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and more!

Whether you are looking for a portable safety device, datalogger, or a sampling method device CO2Meter is sure to have a handheld device that will fit your exact needs. Shop all of our handhelds below.

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"My brewers each have one of these and they work great! We've even been able to pinpoint hot-spots in the brewery where CO2 levels are high and install wall-mounted safety devices for extra protection."
Image of Logan Samuel
"We use this device to monitor CO2 and Ammonia levels on our chicken farms. It is very handy and accurate. So much so that we are now thinking of getting a model that also includes carbon monoxyde and have it become standard equipment for our representatives and farm managers."
Image of Benoit Tremblay
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These seven handheld multi-gas detectors are ideal for protecting employees in a variety of environments. Depending on the model, each device can rapidly detect gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), ammonia (NH3) and particulate matter (PM).

GasLab Plus Multi-Gas Detectors (CM-500 Series)

Image of three out of the seven portable gas detectors in the GasLab Plus CM500 Series.
Image of the CM-1000 Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger
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Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger

With over 6o different sensor combinations, the GasLab Pro Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger is one of the most customizable data loggers on the market! This device is designed to simultaneously measure multiple gas concentrations through a sampling method. Utilizing a micropump, the device draws samples into the sensing chambers allowing each sensor to take fast and accurate measurements of the sample. 

Your personal safety is paramount, and if you work around carbon dioxide you may be exposed to more CO2 than you know. Keep track of that exposure with our SAN-10 Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor & Data Logger. This device will also alert the wearer when they've encountered an unsafe amount of CO2. Put your CO2 Safety first now.

Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor & Data Logger (SAN-10)

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Image of the Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor & Data Logger.

The Personal O2 Safety Monitor is designed for those who work in enclosed areas where oxygen depletion may cause personal harm. A powerful strobe, audible alarm, and vibration alerts the wearer to any unsafe conditions.

Personal O2 Safety Monitor

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Image of the Personal O2 Safety Monitor.

With the ability to take 20 readings per second, the CO2 leak detector provides accurate, reliable and highly sensitive tracking of even the smallest of CO2 leaks. The device is equipped with a flexible "sniffer" wand, enabling the user to test in even the smallest areas.

CO2 Leak Detector

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Image of the Personal CO Safety Monitor.

Logan Samuel


Benoit Tremblay

CM-500 Series (CM-507)

Benefits of a Portable Device

Personal Safety

With a portable gas detector you can take safety anywhere. Our devices will alert you if you've entered an area with hazardous gas levels.

Sampling v Diffusion Method

Some of our hand held devices, like the CM-1000, have a micro-pump installed. This allows you to utilize the sampling method.


Many of our portable devices are also data loggers. Take your data anywhere as retrieving it from the device is simple. Either plug in the device, or device's micro SD card into a computer.

Ease of Use

Easy-to-navigate controls, and no hard-wiring means you can start monitoring the gas around you much faster and simpler.

Battery Life

Our portable gas detection devices all have over twelve hours of battery life. Take your device on the go without worrying about the batteries.