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Importance of Gas Monitoring


Many customers look for an affordable way to adjust and control gas levels while in the field.  Our devices ensure custom configurability under optimized conditions.


We want to ensure establishments are protecting their employees and establishment when working near hazardous gases. Many of our devices comply with jurisdictional standards and meet code compliance.  


Are devices are designed to provide precise gas analysis across many applications. This means you will be able to prove consistency and accuracy.

Industrial Gas Monitoring Solutions

CO2Meter is committed to providing gas sensing solutions for industrial process manufacturers, gas distributors, and welding shop suppliers.

With popular devices such as the Industrial Gas Detector Series 
and Weld Gas Analyzers, you can ensure accurate gas analysis, safety, and quality assurance - every time.

Image of a hand-held CO2 Welding Gas Analyzer.
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The TecWeld O2 and CO2 Weld Purge Analyzer accurately measures oxygen levels down to 0% and carbon dioxide levels up to 100%. When back purging with argon and CO2, welders do not want oxygen in their welds. This O2 and CO2 purge monitor ensures the perfect, oxide-free, zero-color weld time and time again.

Our purge monitor is ideal for the aerospace, automotive, and nuclear industries. It is also used when 3D printing under oxygen exclusion.

Oxygen measurements from the TecWeld take only three secondsThe handheld device also offers data logging capabilities and comes pre-calibrated from the factory.

TecWeld O2 + CO2 Weld Purge Analyzer 

Image of a portable red purge monitor. There is a small digital display and probe.
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The CM-1652 Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Welding Gas Analyzer provides customers with advanced analysis of active welding gas blends that contain 0-50% carbon dioxide and 0-25% oxygen. This device verifies the most common gas mixtures in the industry and will set the main targets that meet AWS verification.

Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Welding Gas Analyzer


Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Welding Gas Analyzer

The RAD-0002-ZR Oxygen Deficiency Alarm for Low Temperatures, protects staff in enclosed areas near storage cylinders of nitrogen, argon, ammonia, chlorine, propane, nitrous oxide, helium, argon, or other inert gases.

Per the OSHA and NIOSH conditions, this device meets the standards and is commonly used across cryogenics, cold storage, and industrial process environments.

Oxygen Deficiency Alarm for Low Temperatures

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Oxygen Deficiency Wall Mounted Alarm for Low Temperature Environments
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The CO2Meter Multi Gas Safety System monitors carbon dioxide and oxygen deficient environments. Because these gases are colorless and odorless, they can be dangerous to employees and customers when it is present in high concentrations.

With the Multi Gas Safety System it ensures that you and your employees are safe and protected. Should an incident ever occur, you can rely on the devices ability to trigger an exhaust fan or send an immediate alarm to the fire department or monitoring company

Multi Gas Safety System

(CM-7000 Series)

Image of a CO2Meter  Multi Sensor Safety System

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The CM-902 O2 Industrial Gas Detector is designed to protect individuals working near gases like nitrogen, argon, or helium in confined spaces. This device also features an industrial enclosure designed specifically for harsh environments and wash-down applications.
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O2 Industrial Gas Detector

Image of the CM-900 O2 Industrial Gas Detector